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We hold our employees to high standards, we understand you do  the same.

Valet Parking Service Company on Long Island

ParkSmart was Established in 2004

Advantages of using ParkSmart Valet

∙ ParkSmart provides valet parking insurance coverage.
∙ ParkSmart employees an aggressive, & strict management team.
∙ ParkSmart provides all neccesarry valet parking equipment.
∙ ParkSmart provides all valet parking claim tickets.
∙ ParkSmart is owner operated.
∙ ParkSmart only hires the best of the best.
∙ ParkSmart uniform policy includes a smile and polite tonality.
∙ ParkSmart has a 24/7 customer service support line
∙ ParkSmart has 24/7 emergency response teams.

Valet Parking Service

ParkSmart Valet Today!

ParkSmart Valet Parking Service provides professional valet parking to Long Island, New York. ParkSmart also manages Parking garage facilities in NYC. It is our goal to deliver luxurious valet parking services to all of New York State. ParkSmart Valet can handle small events at residential homes as well as LARGE SCALE EVENTS at stadium levels.  

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Embroidered Valet Uniforms for Every Season!

Summer Valet Parking Uniform - Click here to view photo gallery

Summer Valet Uniform.

In the summer the ParkSmart valet team wears khacki shorts, white sneakers, white socks, and our white ParkSmart polo neatly tucked in with their black belt.

View Winter Valet Parking Uniform

Winter  Valet Uniform.

In the Winter the ParkSmart valet team wears black pants, black sneakers, black socks, a white dress shirt with a zip up tie, and our red weather resistant ParkSmart company jacket.

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We Provide All Valet Parking Service Equipment!

View Valet Parking Service Sign

Signs and Equipment.

- Valet Parking Signs
- White Delineators (posts)
- Locking Key Storage Cabinets
- Uniformed Valet Parking Attendants
- Parking Barricades
- "Do not Enter" Signs

View Valet Parking Service Custom Sign

Need Custom Signage?

We work closely with sign manufacturers and can manufacture signs with our clients branding when requested. Ask us about having custom signs made for your facility!

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320 Linden Street, Bellmore, NY 11710

+1 (516) 851-5072

"Smart People, ParkSmart!"

+1 (800) 764-8513

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