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• Our commitment to providing the best valet parking service possible, rewarded us as Long Islands #1 Valet Parking Service on Yelp!
• ParkSmart has an A+ rating with the better business bureau.
• Our objective is to earn your business, as well as the business of your friends and relatives!
Read below to see how we got started in the valet parking business and to meet our management team!

About ParkSmart Valet Parking Service

Learn about our valet parking company!

Valet Parking for Long Island

Our valet parking company home base is located in Nassau County. We started our valet parking service as a means to pay for college. Resulting from hardwork and consistency, ParkSmart flourished into a lucrative career for our valet parking service partners and corporate officers. It is our goal to provide luxurious hospitality.

Expanding Our Valet Services

In 2012 ParkSmart valet began taking on new accounts in Suffolk County. ParkSmart needed a solid management team and this need became the inspiration for our current corporate parking structure. We added our first operating partner and expanded our service to the Hamptons. Maintaining our reputation is important to us!

The Hamptons & Montauk

In 2017 ParkSmart valet seamlessly expanded all the way to the eastern forks of Long Island. ParkSmart valet established employee housing and satellite offices in Montauk. Providing proper administrative employee oversight is what makes us the best valet parking service.
You will love the quality of our valet parking services.


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Meet our Valet Parking Management Team:

We provide 24/7 valet parking service management which includes emergency response!

House Parties & Special Events

Dylan Iacovone
1 (800) 764-8513 ext 705

We can provide valet parking service for special events. We provide valet parking services in Nassau, Suffolk, Montauk, & The Hamptons!

Location Valet Parking Service - Nassau & Suffolk

Corey Rosenbloom
1 (800) 764-8513 ext 707

Call Corey to hire contracted valet parking services to your location. Corey manages our team in Nassau County, & Western Suffolk County!

Location Valet Parking Service - Montauk & East End 

Renaldy Charlotin
1 (800) 764-8513

Renaldy specializes in valet parking in Montauk & the Hamptons. Call Renaldy to schedule valet parking services out east for luxury service!

Story of ParkSmart Valet Parking Service

Learn the story of ParkSmart Valet Parking Service!

        In 2004 Brian McCann was attending college to pursuse his bachelors degree in networking and information science at new york institute of technology. To help pay his way through college Brian started ParkSmart Valet parking service and launched himself into the unfamiliar world of entrepreneurship. While Brian was attending his college classes, he managed to grow ParkSmart into a substantially sized valet parking operation. Rather than pursuing employment after aquiring his degree, he decided to pursue ParkSmart as his full time post collegiate career. Brian learned quickly that the key to managing an expanded valet parking operation was to bring in strategic operating partners to manage the field operations of the valet parking service. Establishing a heirarchy structure of professional valet parking service contributors, Brian built a team that delivers truly professional valet parking services at every step of the way.

Did you know: ParkSmart provides all valet parking equipment, valet parking signs, uniformed valet parking attendants, and location supervisors with no added fee to each account. Contact us today with any questions!

ParkSmart Valet Parking Service

320 Linden Street, Bellmore, NY 11710
Phone: 1 (800) 764-8513

"Smart People, ParkSmart!"

Happily providing Nassau County, Suffolk County, The Hamptons, & Montauk with luxurious on site valet parking service packages.


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