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February 18th, 2019 

           In today's society it has become normal for tips to be provided for great services. If you would like to prevent guests from tipping we can provide signs that notify guests of a "no tipping" policy or a notice that a "pre tip" has been provided. If and when guests are providing tips to the valet parking team, many people wonder how much should you tip a valet parking attendant? At what point during the valet parking service is the tip given to the valet parking attendant? We answer some of these questions and more, find the answers you are looking for by reading below.

1. Not Happy With The Valet Service... Don’t Tip!

The valet parking attendants should be working hard as a ParkSmart valet parking attendants. It is very important to us that guests do not provide tips if they feel that the valet parking service was poor. If the valet parking attendant was impolite, did not have a sense of urgency, or was not available when you arrived the driver should not tip. The most important thing to remember is that tipping is optional and drivers should only consider tipping a valet parking attendant when extremely satisfied with the valet parking services.

2. If I Do Want to Tip, How Much Should I Give?

When drivers do decide to provide gratuities for exceptional valet parking services, the amount will normally range between $3-$5 based on the services provided by the valet parking team. If the valet attendant provided you with extra services or was exceptionally helpful in any way, feel free to tip the attendant as much as you would like!

3. Having Small Bills Helps Speed Things Up.

When you are going to visit a venue or event that is proving valet parking services, it can help speed things up if you have a few smaller bills in your wallet if you plan to tip the valet parking attendants. This will help speed things up if the venue has a busy driveway or if you are in a rush to leave. The valet parking attendant may be able to provide change for larger bills but they often do not keep things in their pockets while moving guest vehicles.

4. Do Not Feel Obligated to Tip Every Time.

Please do not feel obligated to tip the valet parking attendants in each and every interaction. One tip for your total use of our services is more than expected and greatly appreciated. It is ok to tip your valet parking attendant as much as you would like but we do not want guests of hotels or anyone else that uses the services frequently to feel obligated.

5. If I Pay to Use the Parking Lot, Should I Still Tip?

For the valet parking attendants, it makes no difference to their hourly wages whether the driver must pay for the use of the valet parking service, or if the services are being complimentarily provided. Drivers should use their judgement of the service without considering the cost of parking when they are providing gratuities to their attendant.

6. Should I Tip On Pick Up, or Drop Off?

When providing gratuities, most drivers will tip the valet parking attendant when picking up their vehicle. The most common time for gratuity to be provided is when the valet parking attendant returns the drivers vehicle for the driver’s departure. There is not a right or wrong time to tip your parking attendant, and our team is trained not to expect gratuities for their services.

7. If I Ask for Extra Help Should I Tip More?

If you forgot something in your car or have asked the valet team to retrieve things from your vehicle on their behalf, this may justify adding a little more when tipping for services. Circumstances in which the valet attendant may receive a larger than normal tip is when a driver asks for their car to be parked in a specific spot, needs help with their luggage, or has any requests that may be considered outside the normal responsibilities of the valet parking attendant.

8. How Do I Stop My Visitors From Tipping Valets?

In some cases event hosts or service clients may ask that the valet parking attendants do not accept tips from guest drivers. When this happens we will provide the event or venue with a sign indicating that "no gratuities are accepted" or "Pre-Tip has been provided by your host".

In conclusion

Please consider that is always ultimately up to your discretion regarding whether there is any need or merit for tipping a valet parking attendant. As a reputable company in New York, we train our staff to provide the best valet parking service possible regardless of any gratuities provided.

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