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December 1st, 2019 

           Having a valet parking service at your house party is a great way to help avoid any confusion and help guests arrive comfortably for your event. This type of service may seem simple at first glance, but there are many things to take into consideration before hiring a valet parking service for your house party or event. In the event that anything unfortunate occurs it is important that you are working with an experienced company that can provide solutions to anything unexpected.

1. Make sure the service you hire is insured.

Providing an insured valet parking operation is why valet parking companies exist. Make sure to ask your valet parking service company to produce a current certificate of insurance to make sure that you and your guests are protected. A great example of what you should require can be found by viewing our insurance certificate.

2. Check Out Photos of uniforms & equipment.

The company you hire to provide valet parking services will be the first and last impression that your visitors have from their experience. It is important that you have a uniformed service with professional valet parking equipment. You can see examples of what your valet attendants should be wearing as well as the best equipment to use inside of the ParkSmart photo gallery.

3. Check the company's online reputation & reviews.

In today's world it is impossible to provide bad service and get away with it. Taking a moment to research the type of company you would be working with can save you from a lot of grief in the future. A great company should be able to provide references like the ones displayed in our client testimonials.

4. Make sure they have their driver's licenses on file.

Trusting a company with your visitor’s personal vehicles will only work if that company is capable of onboarding employees with all necessary documentation. Before any employee is able to work, the valet parking service should have their driver’s license and other required documentation on file before that employee is allowed to work.

5. Get a contract that outlines the services to be provided.

You will be handing over what could add up to be hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of vehicles to the company you hire. Make sure that you have a contract that not only outlines the specifics on your expectations of the services provided, but also makes mention of who is liable in the event of any unfortunate circumstances.

6. Discuss if visitors should be allowed to tip the valets

Some event hosts or facilities will request that the valets do not accept tips while providing valet parking services. In some situations, event hosts will provide a “pre tip” for the valet parking team, when this happens the valet parking service should put a sign next to the key podium which states that gratuities have already been provided.

7. Make sure your confidentiality is protected.

A professional valet parking service will train their team not to ask to use the bathrooms when providing valet parking services to private clients. The team should also be told to never share any information about your event and not to take any photos of guest vehicles or ask to take any photos with guests themselves.

8. Ask how many house parties have you done in the past?

Asking your valet service provider how many events they have done in their past is a great way to judge their ability to forecast and handle the needs of your location. Just like any other professional trade, the more experience a company has, the better their services normally are.

9. Ask if those event host's where satisfied with services.

Asking a simple straight forward question such as this might help you gain some insight on what to expect from the service you are considering. Due to confidentiality it will be difficult to check with previous event clients directly regarding the performance of the valet parking service. A great way to gain genuine and unfiltered insight on the capabilities of a valet parking service is to check their online digital reputations.

10. Discuss providing departure amenities inside vehicles.

Having the valet parking attendants leave mints, or a fresh cold bottle of water as a departure gift for your guests can be a nice special touch to end the evening. If you want the valets to provide such a service, you are best to discuss this with their team preceding the event.

In conclusion

It is important to recognize that there are many unexpected circumstances that can occur through out providing valet parking service to your guests. If you want to have the best service possible and keep your visitors cars as safe as possible then having a professional, insured, and experienced company is the smart choice.

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