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January 1st, 2020 

           It is important to outline the expectations of professional valet parking services to educate our staff as well as provide our clients with insight on what to expect from our team. Delivering professional hospitality requires a lot more than just the guidelines outlined below, but this list is a great outline of what your core expectations should be from your valet parking service provider.

1. Formal & Professional Valet Parking Services

Your valet parking service provider should be providing you with truly professional valet parking services. All attendants should always be in full uniform and should interact with your guests only in a professional manner. Providing great hospitality and catering to the individual needs of each guest is what makes a service great. Learn more about us and how we put great emphasis on hospitality within our services.

2. Attendants in Uniform for Every Season

The valet parking attendants should always be wearing their full uniform when interacting with visitors. The valet service should be providing uniforms for their staff throughout every season. You can see great examples of professional valet parking uniforms inside our photo gallery.

3. No Avoidable Long Delays to Have Cars Returned

The valet team should have a standard operating procedure planned out and in place preceding the start of any valet parking shift. Maintaining an organized valet parking operation is directly what leads to client and guest satisfaction.

4. Polite and Friendly Attitudes

We put great emphasis on being friendly and having a happy and outgoing personality while working as a valet attendant. Inside our employee training manual we advise our employees on the importance of being polite to each and every guest.

5. Operating Safely and No Aggressive Driving

The safety of our guests and visitors is the most important thing when operating valet parking services at every one of our locations. Keeping our guests, our employees, and their vehicles safe should always be the #1 priority of your professional valet parking service. There should never be any tolerance for aggressive or unsafe driving from any employee.

6. Only Parking in Provided Spaces and Legal Public Spaces

The valet parking attendants should only be parking guest vehicles in designated areas or legal public parking spaces. Negligence here could cause vehicles to be ticketed or even worse, towed. Respecting local laws is very important when providing professional valet parking services.

7. Keeping Vehicle Keys Safe and Secure

Vehicle keys should be kept in a locked and secured location. A professional valet parking company will normally provide locking portable key cabinets if a valet parking hut or valet podium is not provided by the client. You can see the locking cabinets that ParkSmart uses inside of our photo gallery.

8. Keeping Vehicles Locked and Contents Secure

When a valet attendant parks a vehicle, it is their responsibility to close all windows, sunroofs, and lock the vehicles doors. For liability reasons the valet will not close the convertible top on your vehicle. Shift supervisors should be checking to make sure the attendants have locked all doors.

9. No Smoking In or Around Guest Vehicles

The valet attendants should never be seen smoking while at a location. At no point should any attendant smoke inside their own vehicle, or a guest vehicle while working in uniform. The valets should also do their best to make sure no guests are smoking close to any cars that have parked with the valet service.

10. No Playing with Car Stereos

For some young men it is tempting to “test” the stereo on a fancy car. A professional valet parking service will train their employees not to touch the electronics of any guest vehicles unless needed for safety.

11. No "Selfie" photos with guest vehicles

At no point should any attendant take photographs of themselves while operating or sitting inside of a guest’s vehicle. The valet team should be advised that this is unprofessional and frowned upon by both the valet parking service in which they are employed, as well as the client who has hired the services.

12. Absolute confidentiality from staff

The staff should do their best to respect the confidentiality of all valet parking clients and their guests. A professional valet parking service will train their staff not to ask to use the bathrooms of private homes, and to never ask for a visitors’ personal information.

13. No requests for autographs or photos

Many events that include valet parking services will have celebrity performers and sometimes celebrity guests. It is important for every visitor’s enjoyment that the valet parking attendant never request an autograph or a photo with any user of the valet parking service.

14. No "pickup lines" should be attempted

The attendants that have been hired to provide valet parking services should at no point try to use any "pickup lines" or ask for any of your guests contact information. The valet team should be well groomed to understand that this is not a time for socializing. 

15. No begging for tips

A big part of providing valet parking service is making sure the guests feel comfortable using our services again. The valet team should be trained to never display any disappointment when not being tipped for their services. 

In conclusion

The valet parking service that you are working with should always deliver professional valet parking services to your guests and visitors. The services provided should be focused on creating a luxurious valet parking service guest experience that makes arriving and leaving your facility an enjoyable experience.

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