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Questions about how valet parking works?

How can ParkSmart Valet help with our parking needs?

            ParkSmart allows you to have luxury valet parking services at your establishment. We create a luxury guest experience at your establishment. We deliver professional services by combining parking equipment and well-groomed uniformed valet parking attendants with industry leading insurance coverage. The advantages of valet parking is more than just utility & need. Your customers will be greatful to see that you are providing a luxurious solution to your locations parking challenges. Providing a valet parking service for your guests will help your guests save time because they will not to have to search for their own parking spot. ParkSmart valet parking provides service in bad weather, having the convenience of stopping directly at your locations entrance will help your guests stay dry. Handicapped patrons will be ecstatic to see that they will not have to walk very far to get to your location. Having a professional valet parking service will help maximize the vehicle storage capacity of your parking lot by floating vehicles and parking guests vehicles outside the painted lines of your parking lot. Having a proffessional valet parking service in full control of your "valet only" parking lot will have all of your guests vehicles backed into parking spaces in a straight and neat orderly appearance.

How can I hire ParkSmart?

1. Provide us with your event date or your service needs.
2. Provide us with the quantity of attendants needed.
3. Receive a complimentary price quote.
4. Make a 50% deposit for any one time events.
5. Enjoy professional valet parking services.

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Questions about Equipment & Insurance?

What will be included with my valet parking service?

Yes, ParkSmart provides all of the necessary equipment to ensure that the parking operation is optimally orchestrated. ParkSmart can provide mobile signs, key storage cabinets, valet parking tickets, traffic cones, delineators, flash lights, walkie-talkies, and parking wands. We will be happy to expand our inventory to meet your needs. You can view more about the valet parking service equipment we provide on our equipment page.

Is ParkSmart Insured?

Yes, ParkSmart caries three insurance policies to protect your establishment from liabilities. ParkSmart carries a $2,000,000 garage keepers liability policy to protect your guests vehicles and the location. ParkSmart also carries a workman's compensation policy, and disability insurance policies to protect our employees. Upon request ParkSmart can add your location as an additionally insured.

Questions about valet parking emergencies?

Where Are Vehicles Parked?

It is the clients responsibility to find a safe and secure location to store their guests vehicles. Once a proper parking facility has been secured, ParkSmart valet parking attendants will keep that parking lot safe, secure, & exclusive to the patrons of our clients. Our team will always be wearing a smile while interacting with your visitors.

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Customers Vehicle Not Starting?

In the event that a customers vehicle will not start, we will do everything we need to do in order to get the vehicle into a safe and secure location as soon as possible. The first thing we always check is to make sure the battery is charged and able to start the vehicle. If the battery is low, we will provide a jump start service. If the jump start did not help resolve the issue, the vehicle owner will then become financially responsible for towing the vehicle out of your location. We usually allow the customer to arrange their own towing service.

Keys Missing or Locked in Car?

We do our best to avoid situations like this at all cost, however it is our responsibility to make sure we have a procedure in place to respond to these scnerios. If keys are inside the vehicle, we will have a locksmith open the door for our team. If the keys have been misplaced, ParkSmart will cover the cost of replacing the vehicle key. ParkSmart will offer the guest a round trip Uber to retrieve a spare from their house. If the customer does not have a spare, we will send a mobile lock smith to create a new key for their vehicle on location.

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