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All valet parking location managers must adhere to our strict operating policies. Please contact your superior with any questions regarding our valet parking services standard operating procedures.


1. Scheduling, Uniforms, & Equipment

Schedule attendants at assigned locations while taking into consideration the competence of each attendant being assigned as well as the expectations of the client. There must be at least one experienced stick driver at each location. It is the managers responsibility to make sure each attendant is in uniform in accordance with the ParkSmart dress code and the clients requested uniform selection. The uniform options that the clients may request include the following:

i. Winter Uniform: Red ParkSmart jacket, red ParkSmart zip up tie, white collared shirt, black dress pants, black belt, black socks, all black sneakers.
ii. Summer Formal Uniform: White ParkSmart collard short sleeve shirt, red ParkSmart zip up tie, black dress pants, black belt, black socks, all black sneakers.
iii. Summer Casual Uniform: White ParkSmart collard short sleeve shirt, with top button unclasped or White ParkSmart polo ( top can vary depending on locations request,
however all attendants must be in the same style uniform) , khaki shorts, black belt, white socks, all white sneakers.
(All shirts must be tucked in, no jewelry may be worn, and no visible tattoos. Employees should not smell like cigarettes, and must be clean shaven with a neat appearance.)

When scheduling a private event, it's the mangers responsibility to ensure logistical coordination of all equipment as listed in the private parties contract. This includes, but is not limited to, key cabinets, signage, parking tickets, and traffic cones.

2. Recording and Reporting employee hours for payroll and invoicing.

Hours must be recorded on a weekly basis, starting on Monday and ending on Sunday, these hours must be recorded on provided sheets and transmitted via facsimile or email and received by 9am the following Tuesday.

B. The provided sheets will be emailed in .PDF format to management, and management is responsible for printing the sheets.

3. Hiring New Attendants

A. Required Documentation:
i. New applicants must provide a signed W4.
ii. New applicants must provide a photo copy of their current Drivers License
iii. New applicants must provide a copy of his or her M.V.R.
iv. New applicants must fill out a ParkSmart application
v. Manager is responsible to contact (2) professional references listed on application.

B. Employee requirements to meet Park Smarts expectations:
i. Must be well spoken, polite, and have a positive attitude.
ii. No visible tattoos or excessive piercings.
iii. Must be clean cut, which includes hair and facial hair.
iv. Must display good hygiene, no sloppy smelly wrinkly people.
v. Must have a cell phone.
vi. Must have own reliable transportation.
vii. Must be able to drive stick shift.

C. Training New Attendants:
i. Attendants must be formally trained by management for at least three full shifts. Attendants should not be working at a location that does not have an active manger without proper training.. Attendants should not be trained by other attendants, as this generally tends to generate sub standard employees.
ii. New attendants need to be explained our expectations, this explanation should include but is not limited to:
1. Job Performance
2. Greeting Guests
3. Hygiene
4. Uniform expectations
5. Ticketing Procedures
6. Emergency/Disaster Response 

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