Hire our services to provide professional, uniformed, and insured luxurious valet parking services to the arriving vehicles at your location. Our valet parking services are available everywhere on Long Island.


Providing great valet parking services is what has made ParkSmart Long Islands #1 choice for valet parking services. You can ask any one of our clients about our services.

We Provide Everything Needed

We provide all of the valet parking signs, locking key cabinets, white delineator posts, and anything else that may be needed to deliver professional valet parking services to your location. Our valet parking attendants will always be wearing their ParkSmart Valet Parking Service uniform when providing valet parking services.

We Carry Insurance Coverage

We carry an industry leading insurance package to ensure that all parties are protected and in compliance. We carry garage keepers limited liability, non owned auto, workers compensation, & disability insurance. This combination of insurance policies is the best way to provide a safe and professional valet parking service.

Great Customer Service Teams

We provide valet parking service attendants to locations all over New York and Long Island. We have been in business for over 10 years and will always do everything in our power to deliver great customer service and luxurious valet parking guest experiences. Contact us today with any questions about our services.

"Training our staff on professional hospitality is why we're the best"

- Brian McCann

We train all of our valet parking attendants on the importance of delivering great customer service to our clients and their guests. Each one of our valet parking attendants are groomed on the importance of professionalism. When ParkSmart provides your location with our valet parking services, you can expect the level of service you deserve when hiring a luxury valet parking service. We train our team on professional hospitality, operating safely, and on how to provide great customer service to our clients and guests.

Want to know what to expect from our team?

It is the goal of ParkSmart Valet Parking Service to provide each guest and client with the most professional and luxurious valet parking service experience possible. Our team will arrive with all of the equipment, a great attitude, and a well planned operating procedure to help get the job done in the best way possible. Our clients highly recommend our valet parking services because we do everything possible to make sure that they are happy with our valet parking services. Growing a company is half of the battle, retaining clients based on providing great valet parking services is the #1 goal of ParkSmart Valet Parking Services. Contact us today with any questions!


Our valet parking team knows that having a happy and outgoing attitude is what creates great valet parking guest experiences. Having our team on your front line will make your guests feel welcome and in good hands.


When your guests arrive they will be greeted by a friendly valet parking attendant. Each vehicle will be given a valet parking service claim ticket which will corelate to later help retrieve the keys and the vehicle. 


The guests will always have professional interactions with our team. Our team understands this is strictly business and not a social time. They will not ask for autographs or selfies from any visitors. At no point will our team ask your guests for their contact information.


Our team provides professional valet parking services which requires a safe and secure valet parking operation. Our team will never drive aggressively in guest vehicles and will always follow the operating procedures set in place at each location.


Our team never asks for gratuities or tips from guests, and will never display a poor attitude when a tip is not given. When clients request that valets do not accept tips, we provide a sign requesting no tips to be given.


We park each vehicle in a safe and secure parking location. All guest vehicles will be locked and their vehicles keys will be kept in a locked and supervised valet parking key cabinet.


There will be no photographs or social media posts made by our team about your event or the visitors in attendance. Our team will not ask to come into your home to use your bathroom or anything similar.

Still have questions about our valet parking services?

What Does It Cost to Hire Valet Parking Services?

We normally quote jobs by the hour per attendant. We also take into consideration the costs of insurance as well as any liabilities that may exist. We recommend caution when receiving bids on services if the bid is extremely low. Always make sure to hire a company with proper insurance coverage and a track record of providing great customer service.

How Many Attendants Will I Need for My Event?

Do I Have Sufficient Parking for Valet Services?

Will the Valet Parking Attendants Expect Tips?

Who Are the Valet Parking Attendants?

Is the Valet Parking Services Insured?

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