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Terms and Conditions of Valet Parking 

When you use our Valet Parking service or pay for it you are deemed to have accepted the following terms and conditions:
We will only be liable to pay compensation for any breach of our liabilities for any proven act of neglect by our employees whilst in possession of the vehicle for the moving, parking and returning to customers only. Once the vehicle is parked and the valet parker exits the vehicle, the customers own insurance policy will take over the risk. Vehicles and contents are left at the owners risk whilst the vehicle is parked. Claims for damages will only be considered if reported to hotel staff immediately on delivery of the car to the location. Written confirmation must be obtained to confirm damage. All subsequent correspondence to be in writing – email acceptable. We accept no liability for mechanical, structural and electrical failure of any part of your vehicle. This includes windscreens, all glass, mirrors, tires and wheels how so ever caused. We will not be held responsible for any deterioration in the condition of the vehicle whilst in our keeping. We accept no liability for any faulty cars, alarm fobs, house or any other keys or valuables which are left on the key ring or inside the vehicle. In the event that the car acquires a puncture including slow puncture we reserve the right to either inflate the tire or change to the spare wheel. We require customers to have a spare key to the vehicle. In the event that the vehicle does not start we reserve the right to jump start your vehicle. However, we will not be held responsible for any consequential damage as a result of this action. We will not accept liability for any loss or damage covered by your own insurance. Claims cannot be considered if reported after the vehicle has been returned to your possession. We will not be responsible for any minor scratches, dents or damage to your vehicle regardless of your documentation which may not be possible to identify in confined times and weather conditions. We will not be held responsible for any claims of any nature however caused below $250.00 Your vehicle needs to comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements regarding the use of motor vehicles. It needs to be fully insured, properly taxed and has a current registration. You are also the owner or keeper of the vehicle failing which you are authorised by the owner or keeper of the vehicle to use our valet parking service. We should not be held liable for any damages caused by acts of god or nature.

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Providing valet parking service to Nassau County, Suffolk County, The Hamptons, & Montauk. We provide  luxurious valet parking service packages.
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