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All schedule changes must be confirmed and approved by that locations manager or supervisor.
Certain locations require a certain level of skill and ability. We hire the best of the best!

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Greeting Procedure:
Customers are approached by an attendant as soon as the vehicle arrives. Vehicle doors are opened, eye contact is made, customers are greeted in a friendly manner, the parking fee, if any, is collected, and the customer is issued a parking ticket. Physical assistance is rendered as needed (wheelchairs, walkers, etc.). All vehicles are carefully parked, the doors are locked and the keys brought back to a secure area. The keys are hung with the ticket stub attached on a hook. The license plate, parking location, attendant’s initials, model & color of vehicle, are all written on the ticket stub so that the vehicle can be easily identified when the customer is ready to leave. Customers are treated with courtesy and professionalism at all times with the goal being to get them in and out of the parking facilities as quickly as possible.

Parking Procedure:
All vehicles are driven safely and cautiously to the intended parking. All vehicles must be backed in to each parking space. Safety is always the most important goal. Our operations should always be carried with a sense of urgency, however safey must never be sacraficed.

General Policy:
The safety of Company employees, the public, and the protection of their property are important concerns. To that end, vehicles shall be operated in a safe manner and in compliance with all pertinent state and federal laws. All employees will drive cautiously and courteously, and obey speed limits and other pertinent state and federal laws and regulations at all times.

Approved Drivers
The Company only employs staff that that meet the approved driver criteria described below. Approved drivers:
• Must at minimum, be 19 years of age, although twenty-two years of age is preferred.
• Must possess valid state driver’s license, not expired or suspended and with no pending Failures to Appear (FTA).
• Cannot have a major* or capital** violation on their driving record, no more than one at fault accident of any type in the last three years, and no more than two moving violations in the last three years.
• Must have dependable transportation to get to and from work.
• Must have good driving skills.
• Must have a clean-cut appearance.
• Must have good customer relations and people skills.

Motor Vehicle Reports
The Company reserves the right to request motor vehicle reports (MVRs) on any employment applicants as well as current employees with driving responsibilities. MVRs will also be obtained annually for all Company staff with driving responsibilities.

Driver’s License
Drivers are required to carry their current driver’s license when driving vehicles. Employees must immediately notify the location manager of any changes in the status of their license, including any at-fault accidents or moving violations.

Driving Test
The Company reserves the right to conduct a driving test of any prospective or employed driver at any time.

Revocation of Driving Responsibility
Employees observed demonstrating carelessness or wanton disregard for safe operation of a motor vehicle are excluded from driving responsibilities and may face suspension and/or termination from employment. If an employee with driving responsibilities receives citations for moving violations and DUI infractions, he/she may have their driving responsibilities suspended and/or revoked and also be terminated from employment.

Company Responsibility
The company will provide all drivers with a vehicle safety-training program that includes a competency evaluation. The ParkSmart safety orientation program includes the following:
• Providing each driver with a copy of the safety program.
• A vehicle driving test.
• Defensive driving refresher training will be provided every year along with a formal competency evaluation.

Tips are pooled. Either keep them in a separate pocket or give them to the location manager. Intentional withholding of tips will qualify for immediate termination. I understand I will be paid an hourly rate with taxes withheld. Tips will be reported as well and taxes deducted from my paycheck.

Incident Report
If an incident (loss, damage, or injury) occurs, report it immediately to ParkSmart Management. It is our responsibility to intercept any incidents, report any and all problems to ParkSmart management prior to informing the location you work at.

Vehicle Care
• Lock every car, every time. Never leave keys or key board unattended.
• Run fast, drive slow.
• Leave a safety zone on both sides of the vehicle when you park it to prevent damage. Leave enough room so vehicles on both sides can easily get out and doors will open without touching the car.
• Obey all traffic laws including, but not limited to:
• Parking in the direction of the flow of traffic.
• Parking in designated spots only.
• Wearing seat belts on public streets.
• Most damage occurs while backing up. Be aware of your surroundings. Only back up when necessary.
• Only enter the vehicle after all guests have exited and all doors are closed. Check right and left blind spots before proceeding.
• When pulling a car forward, or when a guest has stopped, make sure the vehicle is in park.
• Leave the radio, air conditioning, and other controls alone. Only adjust the seat for safety reasons.
• Don’t rummage through the glove compartment or anything else in the vehicle.
• If you are not familiar with the operation of the vehicle (hybrid, keyless ignition, specially equipped, etc.) ask the customer or location manager. He or she will be glad to show you.

• Smile :) 
• Always stand when guests are arriving, departing or near.
• No horseplay, No joy riding.
• Only use your cell phone away from guests and never while driving.
• Professional speech is expected. No slang, or profanity.
• Enter vehicle only after all have exited.
• Consumption of alcohol or medications including but not limited to prescription, that impair any abilities, before or during your shift is strictly prohibited. If offered alcohol, even after the job, you must decline.
• This is a service-oriented business. The quality of our service sets us apart. Little things like opening doors and offering to help carry articles for guests give us much credibility.
• If you feel someone is not doing their fair share of the work talk to the location manager.
• Greet the guests with a “good morning” or “good evening.”

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