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We Carry Industry Leading Valet Parking Service Insurance Coverage

It is our goal to make sure that our valet parking operation is insured as much as possible. We have the parking industries leading insurance binder. As required by law we carry workers compensation & disability insurance policies. We carry garage keepers limited liability insurance as well as non owned auto coverage.

We can provide locations with certificates of insurance, listing the client as an additionally insured.

Comprehensive valet parking insurance...

ParkSmart Carries:

Garage Keepers Limited Liability

Our garage keepers limited liability insurance policy provides coverage to the vehicles left in our care, custody, and control. Our limited liability policy will pay for vehicluar property damage in the event ParkSmart is legally responsible for damage to a vehicle in our care.

ParkSmart Carries:

Non-Owned Auto Liability

Our non-owned auto insurance policy covers bodily injury and property damage caused by any vehicles being operated by our team. This policy includes  coverage for vehicles we hire, vehicles we own, our employees personal vehicles, as well as non-owned vehicles.

ParkSmart Carries:

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Umbrella insurance coverage is designed to protect from major claims or law suits. This type of insurance provides coverage beyond the exisiting limits of other preexisting policies. It is important that our clients and their guests feel confident with our valet parking services.

ParkSmart Carries:


Our Disability insurance is a New York State required policy which helps employees replace some of a their income when a disability prevents that employee from working. This policy does not cover medical expenses.

ParkSmart Carries:

Workers Compensation

Our Workers compensation is a New York State required polich which covers expenses that come with a ParkSmart employee's work related illness or injury.  This policy helps in the event an employee is hurt on the job.

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