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We Send Happy and Professional Valet Parking Attendants to Your Location!

We provide uniformed valet parking attendants to your location. ParkSmart’s mission is to provide professional valet parking services to your facility that enhances your guests experience. Every day hundreds of guests use ParkSmart valet parking.  Our hospitality training ensures your guests will enjoy using our luxury valet parking services. Before we send our uniformed valet parking attendants to provide your location with valet parking services, we train each attendant on how to create the safest and best possible valet parking experience for our clients.

View photos of our professional valet parking attendants in action inside our photo gallery.

ParkSmart will provide professional uniformed valet parking service attendants to your location to provide services for your guests!

What Makes Us the Best Valet Parking Service?

We realize that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Our objective is to earn your business, as well as the business of your friends and relatives. Our commitment to excellence has made ParkSmart Long Islands #1 Valet Parking Service. ParkSmart is a customer-oriented business that strives to serve all your parking and traffic management needs. We are fortunate to have a stellar management team along with a growing number of employees who have a passion and commitment for serving people. At ParkSmart, we offer you the best price, and service to ensure that we achieve our goal of 100% customer satisfaction. From our very first day providing services to your location, your facility will receive the attention it deserves. Our management team personally works each shift at each venue for the first several weeks to ensure that the team we build is the proper fit for your location. Once we have the right staff, our management team will continue to monitor and check up on the attendants. We feel so fortunate to be living and operating a business in the Long Island area. We are aware of the high standards of living, and we know how to deliver an upper class service to Long Islands finest locations. ParkSmart continues to strive to be the #1 Valet Parking Service on Long Island... Give some of our references a call and you’ll see just what I’m talking about. We look forward to your business! 

How does ParkSmart Valet Parking Service operate?

1. We send uniformed valet attendants to your location.
2. We provide comprehensive insurance coverage.
3. We provide complimentary valetparking equipment.
4. We train our team in safety & professional hospitality.
5. Our management team is available 24/7.

Where does ParkSmart provide valet parking services?

Services available for commercial & residential properties.
1. Nassau County (Main office)
2. Suffolk County
3. Montauk & "The Hamptons" (Satalite office)
4. Queens (Facilities with parking lots only.)

ParkSmart Valet Parking Service guarantees:

1. Valet parking service starts on time as scheduled.
2. Valet parking attendants are always in uniform.
3. Valet parking attendants are always polite & helpful.
4. Attendants will always park vehicles legally.
5. Parking lot is kept secure and free of liter.

We provide your location with everything needed:

1. Uniformed valet parking service attendants.
2. Locking key cabinets or locking key podiums.
3. Valet parking directional and "stop here" signs.
4. Vehicle guest claim tickets.
5. 24/7 management that is always available.

How are the valet parking attendants managed?

​1. Full time management teams available 24/7.
2. Management team is responsive & proactive.
3. Locations receive constant visits for quality assurance. 4. We have 3rd party teams to assist with lockouts.
5. Scheduling sent by email to

Where can valet parking services be provided?

Services available for commercial & residential properties.
1. House Parties
2. One Time Events
3. Commercial Contracts (See below

If you want to see photos of our valet parking service team in action, check out the ParkSmart Photo Gallery!

Hire Our Valet Parking Service for Your Location Today!

We staff and provide insured professional valet parking service attendants at your facility.

If you still have questions about our valet parking services, visit our Q&A!

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